Continually looks for better prices compared with your (pre-existing or proposed) hotel reservations and (proposed) flight reservations.

Example: You book a specific hotel in a city arriving on a given date and staying for 6 days, with the total cost being $800. If Meta(Travel) finds a better price (at the same hotel or a similar one) for $700, then (if you so decide) you can switch to the new rate/hotel, paying Meta(Travel) $50 and saving $50.

  • hotel stays
  • flights
  • car rentals (coming soon)
  • AirBnBs (coming soon)
  • cruises (coming later)


Suppose you need a hotel in a specific city in a few days/weeks/months:

Step 1: You...
  • book a hotel for $X
  • register the booking with Meta(Travel)
  • notify hotel that we may negotiate on your behalf
  • only hear from Meta(Travel) if we can save you money.
Step 2: Meta(Travel)...
  • continually monitors prices at your hotel & similar nearby hotels
  • finds the best price $X - $Δ
  • if the new price is at a new hotel, determines if current hotel will match (and updates rate if so). If not, prepares to switch hotels.
Step 3: You...
  • decide if you want the new price
  • save 50% of $Δ
  • pay us 50% of $Δ
  • switch to new hotel (if needed)
  • decide if you want us to keep searching for better prices (we can repeat the process)

Monitor your hotel reservations here.



Suppose you need to fly from city A to city B, departing on a specific date (or a range of dates) and returning on a specific date (or range of dates).

Step 1: You...
  • find a flight you would be willing to pay for (total $X)
  • register the sample flight and preferences with Meta(Travel)
  • only pay Meta(Travel) if we can save you as much as you pay us.
Step 2: Meta(Travel)...
  • continually monitors prices of flights between cities A and B
  • maintains the best price/feature combinations over time
  • allows you to pick the best flight at any time (total $X - $Δ)
Step 3: You...
  • book the selected flight
  • save 50% of $Δ
  • pay us 50% of $Δ